Our clothing is made of unique and ecological fabric composition, emphasizing its natural features to ensure breathability and warmth. Nelijakk has over 200 years emphasized minimal cuts and maximal wearing comfortability. The design of coats and dresses is truly body adaptable yet carries enough ease within to feel free and comfortable on various body types. 

Please note that our products can take up to 2 months to get ready and arrive to You. After placing and order with us we will start making the product. Nelijakk takes pride in providing excellent quality products from unique fabrics. Our picked wool can take time to arrive to us as there is not much of it in the world. After receiving the wool yarns we weave our fabrics in Finland, onwards committing to make every item of clothing with excellent care.

After placing an order for a coat You will be sent a sample coat from random fabric in Your size. After receiving the sample, we ask You to try it on and let us know how the size fits you. We provide room for requested adjustments considering coat length, sleeve length etc. This is to ensure that your coat will fit perfectly and You will get full use out it.