Our iconic and feminine bags are made to be paired with our clothing made from the same fabric and decorated with Nelijakk’s silver logo detail. The bags combine elegance and functionality embodying spacious design yet being lightweight.

We offer two different handbag shells:
“Absolute” as soft shell bag
“Classical Range” and “The Little White handbag” as hard shell bag


Nelijakk belts are perfected inside out and made of using cowhides leather in vegetable tan to preserve its natural qualities. The buckles of the belts are an artisan work of a blacksmith, made of pure silver. The design of the buckles pay homage to Nelijakk heritage through the visual artistic representation of flax fields, tailoring work and their key product – jackets and coats. 


Our gloves are made from luxurious lamb leather from Italy. The lining is seasonal, offering combination of cashmere, Merino sheep wool and silk lining for winterwear and exclusively silk lining for autumn/ spring wear. The leather will stretch according to the wearer’s hand.

Our gloves come in four colours: champagne white, light grey, dark blue and black. Offering two designs: hand-stiched “Flax Blossom” embroidery and classical model with Nelijakk’s silver logo detail.