"The Little White Handbag"


On a photo: Wensleydale Whitehead Wool

Dimensions: 12 x 23 x 4 (cm)

  • Baby Camel Wensleydale Wool
  • Baby Camel Yak Wool
  • Baby Camel Yak Wool 2
  • Camel Suri Light Wool
  • Camel Suri Wool
  • Extrafine Wensleydale Wool
  • Gotland Grey Baby WhiteHead Wool
  • Wensleydale WhiteHead Wool
  • Wensleydale Wool
  • Wensleydale Wool 2


The luxurious accessories of Nelijakk are designed to represent the aesthetical beauty of Nelijakk’s family brand heritage. All the accessories are perfected inside out and made only from natural materials such as European wool yarns, leather and pure silver. The silver details on handbags, gloves and belts are an artisan work of a blacksmith, making our accessories an investment in timeless precious metal.

Please note that our products can take up to 2 months to get ready and arrive to You. After placing and order with us we will start making the product. Nelijakk takes pride in providing excellent quality products from unique fabrics.


Color: natural color differences to the yarn



Fabric: 100% European wool yarns (see the contents various fabrics)

Lining: 100% Viscose

Silver detail: Silver 925


Care instructions:

Due to the natural wool, lint may come off of natural fiber – you can maintain Your product with wool comb or with lint shaver.

Avoid snagging!

Only dry cleaning.

Do not bleach.

Do not keep in sunlight.


Note about products with Nelijakk’s logo silver detail:

Please note that silver can change color over time as the exposed layer of silver reacts with air.


Countries of origin:

Yarns: Italy, England, Austria, Estland

Lining: England

Fabric design: Nelijakk

Weaving: Finland

Sewing: Estland

Silver detail: Estland


Tailored by Nelijakk