About us

Nelijakk is Estonian family owned luxury brand, offering high quality prêt à porter from Nelijakk’s own fabrics. The style is characterized by timeless elegance combined with comfort.
Nelijakk in literal translation from Estonian language means “four jackets”. The name was given in 1804 by Baltic German nobility when the family tailored four quality jackets in a timely fashion – true characteristic for Nelijakk family.
Nelijakks originate from North East Estland, Kõrkküla by the Gulf of Finland, surrounded by the fields of flax. The family showed great craftsmanship skills in scraping flax, weaving fabric and tailoring light-wear and home textiles. Wool yarn for jackets and coats were imported from England. All the tailoring work was done only by family members to ensure quality. Sometimes the tailoring service was also provided to manor house nobles by visiting them, taking sewing machines, iron, scissors, needles etc along on a horse carriage.
The family business was successful, Nelijakk’s clientele has been throughout the ages manor house nobles and other affluent members of the community.
In 1997 Nelijakk was re-established as a company and official brand was registered in 2019. The strong cohesive feeling of belonging to the rich heritage of Nelijakk tailoring is the driving force behind today’s sixth and seventh generation of Nelijakk’s creatives to consistently carry the legacy of Nelijakk.
All the production of Nelijakk is made in Europe.

Our creative director and head designer Karin Mölder is one of the successors of Nelijakk heritage. She has been tailoring clothing for women since year 1992, expressing impressive know-how on high quality fabrics and tailoring, creating clothes that compliment woman with the best fitting.

Karin pictured in front of our Nelijakk house in Põlva, Estonia.

Nelijakk house of creation is located in a small town Põlva, Estonia. The house was built in 1925 and since 2000 it has been accommodating our company Nelijakk.